BEAST - Creating Art Assets for Cutscenes

The story inside the world of BEAST is dark and very complex. In order to make players feel the narration and tragedy of the characters, the game provides a lot of cutscenes that pull you deeper and deeper into this brutal tale.

As you have already noticed the style of art in BEAST completes the story - it is dramatic, gloomy and rough. Today we will describe how we create art assets basing on the example of the travel cutscene.


Good preparation is rule number one for creating reliable arts. Before we begin drawing our artists always conduct thorough research. For this cutscene, we will draw a whole caravan of travelers and some background elements. Let’s look for some helpful images.

The caravan

Our traveling convoy consists of fully-packed carts drawn by oxen and horse riders. Here are some examples that will help a lot:

The background

The travelers will have to go through a mysterious cemetery. We will have to create such elements as graves, crosses, some spooky trees and also hills and mountains for further plans. These images will be our inspiration:

The whole is in the high mountains called the Carpathians which are located in Central and Eastern Europe, so for the purposes of the horizons, I chose such mountain references.

Okay, now that we are ready it is time to start drawing!


The next step is sketching our pieces. It is reasonable to stick to anatomy aspects and reliability of various elements but at this point, we do not care much about the beauty of our lines - the most important is the idea and a general look.

When our sketch is ready, we send it to our art director who provides us with constructive feedback and after making some corrections we go further.


Now it is time for even more fun! Artists can be divided into two kinds - those who hate doing lineart and those who just love it! Our BEAST artists definitely belong to the latter category. We are lineart freaks and you can see it in our art style that always has a detailed base. Basing on the references and sketches we had prepared before we can start making beautiful lines for our art.

As you may have already noticed - some of the assets are just copies of the previous ones with just changed or added elements. It makes work faster and easier and for a standard player, it shouldn’t be noticeable. Now that will be our little secret!

When lineart is ready we put the pieces in an arrangement of our choosing. We copy, paste, rotate and modify the assets into a composition in order to see if they work well together.

After more feedback from our wonderful art director, we are finally able to proceed to the best part!


Now that we Have neat lineart we can go on to rendering our objects' shade. It gives us a lot of fun but also can be a little bit challenging as shading should enhance the form and shape of the assets. For these ones we use some based lighting and give a touch of suitable texture brush. Here you can see the final assets ready to be put into the game engine.

And here is the final version of the scene:


Hope you found this process interesting. The next article will be about animation steps of this scene so keep up to date with our blog - we will share even more secrets soon!

- Katarzyna Malinowska, BEAST Illustrator and Concept Artist

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