BEAST Philosophy

Dear Strangers! 

Dark souls of the gothic and black metal subculture world! Wandering and romantic souls that sink into books and stories! Longing for players who are waiting for the next session eagerly! Vicious knights, members of secret brotherhoods, associated in fraternities and sororities! Abandoned by society, mourning, left without help, all of you who are looking for meaning in life and your own destiny! 

We are making a game for you and about you. For everyone who constantly feels that the BEAST within is tearing them apart.

We are creating an innovative transmedia role-playing game called BEAST. It covers all the online and offline media: from a tabletop RPG, through a miniatures wargame, to a video game for all platforms, comics, books, and maybe even TV series and movies. Using a mobile application allows players to transfer the character, story, and gameplay state between these media in one direction and in the other. 

The game is strongly inspired by the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Roman-Catholic Church, Protestantism, and all kinds of Sects and Cults including Satanism, Occultism, Vampirism, Witchcraft, Paganism, Runes, Wicca, and many many more, and addressed to all people interested in that cultural, social, philosophical, and religious movements who are looking for the truth. 

We are creators from Poland, we have been creating video games and tabletop RPGs for years, and now we would like to learn what defines us and reveals us in some way. 

The game we are making is global, and it is addressed to all people around the world, but in particular, to the fans in the USA, Canada, UK, and continental Europe. 

We would be grateful if you looked at our game and gave us your feedback because we want it to touch on difficult and contemporary topics in a metaphorical way. 

The graphics and music are quite strongly associated with black metal to draw the attention of people who belong to this subculture to become our evangelists because mostly they are connected with depression, nihilism or freedom in some way. 

In our game, you will find content only for adults. 

We hope that what we do will fit in with your values ​​and you will want to support us and help us reach interested people for our mutual good. 

There is a lack of game dev studios like ours in this part of Europe. We work 100% remotely, part-time or full-time, without charging for work, just a share of the company's profits. There are over 20 people at the moment, and we are still joined by more people willing to do something extraordinary. 

The game we are making is one of a kind. It combines the seriousness and depth of the Witcher's story with the Banner Saga gameplay and the difficulty and madness of the Darkest Dungeon. This is a darker version of Dungeons & Dragons. Warhammer without high-fantasy. Vampire: The Masquerade internal conflict without Disciplines and Spells. It’s an endless RPG session with the best Game Master that you can imagine. 

We are also creating a role-playing game, a board game, and a skirmish miniature game taking place in the same world, with the same rules and campaign scenarios. 

Thanks to the mobile application in the companion app type, players will be able to transfer their character progress and game status between online and offline media and continue playing regardless of whether they have someone to play with or not. 

We want to solve the problem of interrupted sessions that have never been continued due to the breakup of the team or too long breaks between meetings. Each player will be able to play as much as they can and will always be able to return to their colleagues with the character as if in the time between sessions they played individual sessions with the Game Master. 

Thanks to the video version of the game, players will be able to find other players and Game Masters from around the world and in the immediate area. Start playing online and end up in a personal meeting or vice versa. 

We are not limited to just one campaign. We will always try to publish new scenarios in all media so that your actions and decisions can have reflection and consequences regardless of the medium you play. This is called a real transmedia experience. It's a real transmedia game. 

Thanks to the fact that we remain independent, we can afford to implement innovative solutions. Unfortunately, it also has its downsides. The only thing we can count on is support from our players and loyal fans who fell in love with our project. 

Therefore, I warmly and wholeheartedly encourage you to support us through pre-order in our own online store. We guarantee that you will receive it first. The first players will have access to the closed alpha and beta versions, free and direct contact with developers, and will also receive access to the full game a few days before the premiere. 

Our ambition related to BEAST is to provide this unique and unforgettable experience that completely changes the way you think about playing games. But in the video game development industry it's never an easy task, especially when you don't have financial resources. 

We are in the middle of talks with many investors and publishers. With various options when it comes to game vision, business model, and marketing. One of them says that the game must be available to players as soon as possible, despite the drawbacks in the game. The second says that the product must be ready and you need to keep the audience in suspense until a fully functional game is released. We carefully considered each option and choose our path. 

We want to remain independent. We want to remain ourselves. We don't want to change for money. We want to continue the open discussion with players who are just like us, not close ourselves to the influence of players and covertly create a game based on current trends. 

As a new independent studio, we decided to follow our hearts and focus only on creating the game and not wasting time fulfilling the whims of decision-makers. 

For the reasons described above, we are forced to postpone Early Access to an unknown but not distant date to refine what we have so far that you can play the game you deserve.  

We will release the gameplay trailer and screenshots from the game later, however, the Early Access date is yet to be confirmed. Soon there will be a crowdfunding campaign launched to release the game in full scope as intended. Thanks to the crowdfunding you will have a real impact on the final product. 

Once again, we are very grateful for every support we have received from you. You can still support us by purchasing Digital Pre-Orders in Base, Deluxe or Ultra Edition on our online shop. 100% of the money goes to us, so we can remain independent and raise funds to launch the crowdfunding campaign. All people who buy the pre-order on our site will receive the same add-ons that will be unlocked on Kickstarter. 

Additionally, you can swag in BEAST goodies - soon to be available in our online shop. Every contribution means a lot to us and helps us achieve our dream - to deliver the game that will satisfy us and our fans every and single urge! 




And here the 10% discount code on pre-orders, for those who persistently read to the end.

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