Do you remember the game that dominated the RTS world of the late 90s? The screaming minions as you pick them up? The general feeling of dread and incoming doom? Our games are a tabletop miniatures game simulator in which you can see the board from the perspective of the tabletop player. With all of the features that come to your mind when you think of the classical D&D like rolling dice on the table, character sheets, a rulebook with a bestiary, inch measuring tape, etc. Top that with a booming narrator voice, gripping AI shouts and barks, and the ominous omnipotent Hand that moves the characters around, rolls the dice, and flips the pages of the book. For example when the Hand rolls the Dice on the board they for a moment disrupt the game, destroying elements of the terrain, toppling the figurines, bouncing around, then everything comes back to the way it was.

Image Copyrights: Dungeon Keeper (1997), Bullfrog Productions, Electronic Arts