The "False Prophet and The Blood Moons" logo was edited by Slavomir Maria Nietupski.

Slavomir Maria Nietupski is one of the most innovative graphic designers in contemporary art. He is known for his highly conceptual work, music recordings and press publishing. The works by Nietupski and his way of creating them definitely exceed all expectations.

The beginning of Nietupski’s career dates back to 1996, when underground metal music has been gaining more popularity with the first releases of bands such as BEHEMOTH. Slavomir formed his first band NORTHLAND and released first album at the age of 18. The group became well-known both in Poland and abroad. Next came NOCTURN, a symphonic black metal band, which shared stage with acts such as legendary NECROPHOBIC or YATTERING. The band has been developing along with Nietupski’s appetite for music, yet he left the project spontaneously. Joining forces with Bård G. Eithun (drummer of the Norwegian band EMPEROR) and Sasza Janowicz (Australian actor) opened gates to the metal mainstream with a new project called HESPERUS DIMENSION. Contrary to the previous band, it crossed the boundaries of conventional metal music, offering fans some spectacular visual experience with the movie accompanying the 2008 EP “The Cyclothymic Panopticon”.

In the following years Nietupski bound his passion for music with visual graphics and published BLACKASTRIAL Magazine, oriented on various genres of metal and extreme music in general. Since 2009 Blackastrial has been published country-wide, with thousands copies distributed by the key press chains. This project had both original visual concept and exclusive content, which gained widespread acclaim from readers as well as record labels around the world. Nuclear Blast Records (Germany) said, that “Blackastrial is undoubtedly the most important magazine in Poland”, Moribund Records (USA) appreciated “the content as well as terrific layout”, My Kingdom Music (Italy) called Nietupski’s work “massively good”.

After all the previous achievements, Nietupski looks forward with enthusiasm and currently plans a series of exhibitions presenting his graphic works, first of them being established for May 2013. His newest project, entitled “The Hebephrenic Flashback”, shall present a set of controversial graphics accompanied by the music composed, performed and recorded by Nietupski himself. The visual side of exhibition can be described as Damien Hirst meets Pink Floyd in a distant, surreal future. The exhibition will be a continuation of the artist’s successful path and is going to prove that his creative energy returned stronger than ever.